Monday, January 5, 2015

Internet Saving Tips When Abroad

When you travel abroad we definitely need a smartphone to communicate or just surf . Before applying these tips you should know in advance of your smartphone data package and the most important is to check whether the SIM card can be used abroad or not .

If you have identified the use of the Internet and network on a smartphone . You can do the following tips on saving surf ..

1. Block Internet Access to Applications
We recommend that you restrict or block Internet access to the application via the ' Settings ' and then the data usage on your Android Smartphone . As for the IOS through the ' Settings ' and then the ' Cellular ' then the destination menu . This is done because the given data packet can be very expensive in some countries .

2. Download the chat application and monitor the data packets
When we are abroad , of course we also still need communication . And if you want to remain efficient in communicating you can install chat application like WhasApp or Line that does not consume a lot of data .

3. Use Wi - Fi
To save on data usage and if you are running out of data packets you can turn off your data plan and switch to a Wi-Fi hotspot to places with free Wi - Fi for example restaurant or local city park .

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