Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Know the Nutritional Content of Green Shells

If you are a seafood lover one mussel , then you should be happy because mussels save a lot of nutrients that are needed by the body . Mussels can be processed into various types of dishes are delicious . Curious what the nutrient content in mussels ?

1. Vitamin A
As we know Vitamin A bianya contained in carrots . Not only carrots , green mussels are also a source of vitamin A. If we eat a bowl of mussels , it will contain about 240 types of vitamin A that can meet the nutritional intake of adults every day around 10-18 % .

2. Vitamin B
Vitamin B12 is contained in the green mussel serves to maintain the balance of the body . Eat a bowl of mussels already meet the daily requirement for vitamin B12 in adults .

3. Protein
Seafood , one of which shells are also rich in protein . in a bowl of mussels . There are about 18 grams of protein with essential amino acids that are able to meet the daily nutritional intake of adults by 30 % .

Many not the nutritional content . In addition , green mussels also contain calories and fat and selenium that act as antioxidants in the body . Why not cook scallops for today ? 

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